Quads! Calves! Feet! A quick Lower Body Yoga Treat

Babes, i don´t know about you but sometimes, i neeeeed a good iron out of my lower body in ways that a "traditional yoga posture" can´t reach. This one is for all my friends who also collect a lot of tension in the quads, calves and feet (and sometimes we don´t even realise it until we get in there). Also, if you´ve done a lot of cycling, walking, running, hiking, lifting and so on, this should be a really sweet session for you. It´s also for anyone who is a human being. Yes, covering all bases. 

It´s super quick and really easy, as always, adjust your own seasoning and take care of you. 
You will need: a blanket or yoga mat or anything you can roll. perhaps not a sausage roll tho- ....sorry.

Dionne x 

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