Manage your time + energy in the busy season🔋 // Transcript of 'I Feel For You' podcast Episode 25

Basically me: Jennifer Lewis

Basically me: Jennifer Lewis

Ok so it’s December, it’s pretty bleak although the sun shows itself each day, it’s not enough for my melanated epidermis. It’s so clear in my many years wandering on this planet that there is a massive tendency to pack in so much around this time of year. Be it the panic so many feel to fill the year and tick off stuff before it “ends”, or the pressure to be in the seasonal spirit of joy and glad tidings.

But what if you just aren’t? What if this time of year feels really flipping challenging for you? That you are really not into eggnog or crap decorations? Or interested in trying to keep up with an imaginary date that has been assigned to myths that have been perpetuated but that often lack reason - you know, like why are we actually doing things? In many cases i’m sceptical of the answer “because we’ve always done them”. 🙄

So, during this time you might still have stuff to do. Things to fix up.
But you’re reluctant to go at the same pace or rhythm of others, especially when you’re in a different space.
I’m here to remind you: you don’t have to do that shit!

Go easy on yourself babes!
I know it’s easier said than done.
I know it’s an issue that comes up for so many of my clients too.
And it’s something i’ve been working on for years. Many of my clients feel lots of pressure to produce more stuff than ever, to keep up and make big bombastic goals.
…Is this a good time to direct you to a previous episode about this kind of new year pressure and goals? Where we talk about saying good riddance to comparison and failure feels this time of year., Explore how to stay connected to yourself amidst the noise, dodge the new year pressure cooker and talk about some tips for creating goals and intentions that aren’t gross.

So yeah. The pressure to do, to make, to be all things in the time of year that for many of us is when we are the MOST exhausted!
Bizzare inc eh?
-Wait, am i allowed to nod to an excellent dance classic in this podcast? Will it get banned? Is there a karaoke version i can insert for mood?
(My 70s + 80s babes who came of age during the dance music movement know what i’m talking about.)

i love this song!

Today. I want to remind you to not play yourself.
You get to make the rules my friend. Especially those of you who are working for yourself! Or maybe not even working for yourself! You have choices.
Amidst the pressure and distraction, you still get to choose what to participate in.
And even though we gotta pay the rent and still get things done, it’s possible to be intentional with your limited energy beans at this time of year.

So how do we do that?

Well, i’d recommend getting clear about what you’re doing and not doing and WHY!
Be intentional!
You need rest? Then take it seriously!
Got to respond to that email that’s been haunting you for MONTHS?
Set yourself a boundary that is loving and helpful. That might look like a time limit - give yourself one Pomodoro session for example. Or block what you need to block in your sacred email answering time. That means no surfing on Tumblr during that time, however you might reward yourself with a deep delve into the gloryhole of tumblrbot lyfe afterwards for example! Knock yourself out darling!
And another boundary some of us benefit from is accountability! Getting an accountability buddy to support you to get the stuff done that you need to do! So if you need someone to check in on you with a loving reminder and possibly some kind of meme related content, HIT ME UP! Send me a message to ifeelforyoupodcast (at) or maybe meet me on instagram, and let me know what you’re doing and not doing and i’m going to check in on you, ok?


And as for your goals during this intense “insert however many flipping days are left for the rest of this year so make em count” type pressures, another reminder:
You don’t have to set 54 goals in one day.
I’m going to be a wanker and suggest you just set one goal a day!
...Ok, 3 max. Truly babes, you will feel so much better for it. Anything else you get done on top of that is a bonus!

Here’s my strategy to getting it DONE!

Plan one goal.
Then, break it down into tangible steps.
The key to all this?


That goal you set for yourself might be to REST!
...I know. Controversial, right?!
It’s really not. It makes total sense and i have absolutely added that as a to-do in my Bujo on a number of occasions for real.

So, you have the goal: to rest.
What does that look like?
Where are you?
What are you wearing? ...Is that creepy? I mean, i hope not.
What are you doing?
What tools do you need to make this the best rest you can possibly imagine? Earplugs? Eyepillow? Duvet? - Which is Doonah in Norwegian which i find very sweet and coincidentally what my Australian friends also call a duvet! ...what do YOU call a duvet friends? Do let me know. It’s things like this that feed my lust for life.

…I’m being totally serious.

So i’d say a crucial question to ask yourself in the strategy to getting it DONE is to put a time on it. (No, i won’t sing.)
When are you going to do the thing?
And i don’t mean ahh, i’ll do it by the weekend.
I mean, what day?
What time will you do it?
How long do you need?
Do you need to implement that boundaried support like Pomodoro or some other timer?

I think breaking this stuff down to really consider the task and the energy required is so helpful and it’s something i recommend each of my clients to do with anything that they do. Cause it kind of forces us to take our time seriously! And hopefully, helps us to value both of those things. Our time and our energy.
And that, my friends is what i hope you take from this episode.

That you are vital and important and deserve to value your time and energy.

Before you start to consider others and what they are up to, what they need from you etc etc, start with what you’ve got! Take yourself seriously. Be honest with what you need. What beans you have available. What you want to take on. And also, what you want to let go of! It’s not selfish, it’s actually really helpful, cause by creating boundaries you get to help other people more, cause you’re clear with what you can and can’t do. Hopefully you’re also more rested cause you also factor in white space, rest space, so you can be at your absolute best and HANDLE SHIT and GET WHAT YOU NEED TO GET DONE, DONE!

Did that sound boisterous? I’ve been practicing!

So, i’d love to know….

What do you think?

  • Do you struggle with the pressures to keep up, even though deep down you know keeping up is a total illusion cause you are on your own path in your own meat suit, careering around the universe?

  • Or are you skilled at this stuff? Staying intentional and clear and focussed on how you spend your time and energy during busy seasons? Do you have any tips for others struggling?

Let me know via email or in the comments of the shownotes i (this is episode 25) or on social media perhaps!

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And now i’m singing that song

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Over and out until next time, my darlings.
Be well and take care of you.

I love you.

dionne elizabeth