5 minute make & create: Nature as muse

Sitting in my room looking out to to the lofty trees nearby listening to this song which you can also hear in this week’s Spotify soundtrack here.

Challenge: To create for 5 minutes, and share it before overthinking it.
Here’s what came out of my insides today!

- Join me sometime? Make something! Write or draw or jot or sing or collage? And tag me somewhere in the comments / on your social!

dionne x


There is endless inspiration in nature. David Hockney (on Vincent Van Gogh) reminded me of that yesterday.

Today, the buds upon branch tips throb with pink nibs. Pregnant with potential and ready for all the spring cliches. This moment: a warning. A display, like a traffic light on the cusp of turning.

This is the space right before the action.

The pause at the top of the breath.

The brace at the beginning of a race.

The moment before jumping into water.

This, i realise is a reminder of the catalyst, essential for any action and any change to occur.

The decisive moment that Henri Cartier-Bresson referred to.

Attention to this moment enables a realisation of the magnitude of all the actions and occurrences that have brought us to this point.

There are no coincidences. No accidents. No regrets. Only awareness and perhaps, if we are lucky, understanding.

Spring blooms are a visual poem loaded with metaphors. But this state of recognition and epiphany can occur at any moment if we look closely enough. If we get quiet enough to listen. And to hear.

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