20 Minute Chill Out Yoga Video!

Hiya love!
If you´re looking for a restful, soothing, gentle and restorative practice, you´re in the right place!

Here´s a sequence i use when i want to slow things down and practice being a little more tender and gentle. Particularly useful if you´ve been going 100 miles an hour/got a lot on your mind/ struggle to unwind at the end of the day /are just generally tired. Might also feel nice if you´re on your period, ladies! 

And we´re back at it again with all the household props! You can take your pick from whatever you have available but here´s some suggestions:

  • A sofa/bed/chair for our supported relaxation pose at the end of the session
  • Blankets/duvet/pillows/cushions for adjustable props (you can choose your own height) Sidenote: a chair cushion works great as a bolster but don´t worry if you don´t have one!
  • Eyepillow for bonus relaxation at the end of your practice, or a towel/flannel/blanket if you want a similar effect.

We´re mostly on the floor for this one bar one starting posture (also supported) so come chill with me as we relax, restore and unwind.

As i mention in the video, these postures can be really nice to hang out in for longer periods of time, so feel welcome to pause the video and indulge! You deserve it!

Really hope it´s useful!