Inspiration station: June Faves to wet your creative whistle!

“My email signature says, ‘I do not answer calls or emails after 7 p.m. or on weekends, and if you work for me, may I suggest that you put down your phone.’”

- Shonda Rhimes

Life Hacks for Breakthrough Thinking

Ever wondered the science behind why you have really great ideas in the shower?....

The shower sets just the right conditions to activate the part of your brain that creates breakthroughs! 


Solange Knowles & Toyin Odutola discuss 'inspiration'

So relate to this conversation - thank you internet! 

On: mental hygiene with Shameless Maya + co!

Janet gets real with Lena

I´ve had my issues with Lena in the past as many of you know. She addresses many of them here with Janet Mock in an interesting and thoughtful conversation (sidenote: Janet goes in to challenge her and Lena steps up to check herself. Appreciate this kind of accountability in action so guess this could be read as a "how to check yourself, say sorry and make changes after you mess up real bad").


On: Life as a yoga teacher + polymath (my interview on Yoked Podcast)

Photo by Emma Croman

Photo by Emma Croman

For people who feel behind in life...

Home thirst inspo!

(i love this series My Place - peeking around people's homes. Check it out!)


"Find out what it is that you have that's unique and special and cultivate that..." - Mama Ru


"When you find something that you feel so passionate about, you have to hold onto that and stay true to yourself." - Tactile Matter

"Your job is to keep yourself FULL!" - Oprah

"at my age, it’s more interesting for everyone to ask where I’m going, not where I’ve been." -Chavela

My radio show: FEELINGS

"When we begin, the idea may not be boldly present, but it is felt in some degree or another. We find that it deepens as we come into our sense of purpose; what we mean to do. The common term to tie sum it up is: Impact."

For Those Who Are Multitalented AF And Suffering

"I may be a jill-of-all-trades, but I still want to master many things." 

(Polymaths unite!)


As part of my self care rituals, i spend time collecting gifs and images of Queens from my fave style decade (the 70s). This is one of my fave films as Diana plays a creative working woman defying the odds. Live for the aesthetic and soundtrack too. Audio Diva made this brilliant ode to this magnificent piece of art: CINEMATIC: 'MAHOGANY' & THE POLITICS OF CAREFREE BLACK GIRLS and explores some real talk around feminism, women at work, women in love and having to "choose". Dig in, babes!