30 Minute Upper Body Tune-Up

Hiya love!

Here´s a little self care session with a focus on creating space in the upper body - in particular, shoulders, neck, and back (but of course, everything´s connected eh?) :) Get broader and take up more space to breathe and feel better.

It starts with a mini-meditation/check in but you can take it however you choose. We´ll then move into a little movement massage technique that i find reeeeally useful when my shoulders feel like concrete. Then onto some more gentle repetitive movement to release the spine and hips. Plus some breathwork. There´s a couple of more dynamic postures in there later but nothing too wild - this practice is intended to be easeful so you can pepper it into your day whenever you need it. Also, it might be a useful tune up if you have a regular vinyasa yoga practice, to play with ways to care for and support your upper body.

Expect mellow vibes, relaxing mindful movement, and spacemaking.

You will need: a blanket and a block/book/sofa to lean/sit on. 

Turn down for what?! Really sorry for the Lil Jon references - i really have no idea……(!)

Thanks for being here.


Dionne x