Wrist clearing yoga! 12 minute mindful tuneup

Thank goodness for our wrists! They, along with our hands, support us in so many ways during the day, so let´s give them a little bit of love! 

Use some yoga and massage techniques to create more space, circulation and perhaps even access more mobility in this region. A particularly useful one if you´re doing a lot of typing / writing / handiwork during the day. 

There´s also a little cheeky tuneup for hands and shoulders plus play with awareness of hand and wrist positions to use in downward dog pose and other weight bearing positions - particularly if you do a lot of "flow" in yoga. 

----Just don´t look at my nails, ha ha - thanks, bye! 
-Seriously though, let me know how this works for you and take care of you, no force, no pressure, no pain! thanks for practicing with me!

Dionne x 

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