Summer series // Cooling Flow | Yoga With Dionne // Mindful movement for spine yoga with dionne

This is a cooling yoga flow as part of the summer series. In the summer, the idea of flow might feel a little off-putting when it´s so warm outside, but we´re going to tame the spicy meatballs and make things more chill. Let's keep things fluid and soften the hard edges.

We start with some cooling breathwork to calm things down, then we give our hands, wrists and shoulders some love and free up some space (ideal if you´ve been playing Hay Day for long periods of time!). We´ll then move through cat, cow and child's pose, building to a more dynamic flow but still anchored in lots of mindful mellow vibes. 

We will free up the spine offering movement through all planes of movement and play with balance and cooling postures and take that into some backbends, followed by a restorative chillout using wall space.

As always, listen to your body and rest as much as you need at any time. Go with the flow.

You will need: some wall space to end your practice or sub with a chair or sofa.

Let me know how you go! 

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