Episode 17: How to confidently take up space in the world when you don't fit in ✨📣

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Hello and welcome back to I FEEL FOR YOU!  I’m Dionne, a massive introvert, extremely shy and a big weirdo! 🙋🏽‍♀️

Today we are exploring:::::

Taking up space in the world, especially if you have ever felt Other or like your face doesn’t fit, be that living your life in a way that is different to the norm, whatever normal is….
Or perhaps you're a polymath who wears a variety of hats.
Or you have an idea to do something differently to what people have experienced before.
Or perhaps you want to challenge the way something is being done.

This episode is  dedicated to those who are interested in creating their own spaces in the world and making their own rules, and also as a message of reassurance, solidarity and support for anyone who could use some on their mission. 💕


We celebrate:

The process of stepping into yourself.

Cultivating the confidence to do you.

And embracing your inner weirdo along the way.


eartha taking up space

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