Episode 18 shownotes: Self care tips + rituals for the autumn equinox + beyond!

Donna + the autumn equinox


I wanted to share a monster podcast with you talking about the significance of the autumn equinox and offer some Self Care Tips and ideas for Rituals to help you transition and find balance.

The Autumn Equinox is almost upon us. The winds of change. Reaching the point of equal day and night. Leaving the glorious and gluttonous summer behind make big shifts as we transition towards winter. Endings and beginnings...Can you feel it? 

Speeeeeeaking of which, before we dive in, i should mention a freshly baked project, right out of the oven::::::

Take Care of You: Autumn, an online creative coaching programme!

I’m holding space for the month of October to be a group coaching month, to support us transitioning into the autumn season. Together, we explore how we can take care of ourselves and our creativity!

It’s a practice, so this intimate group is for those who want to commit to their wellness goals, but do better having accountability buddies in the mix. It’s not a bootcamp, more a lovefest. ...Hold on, did that sound weird? Ok it’s more a space to be you, bravely.

✅ To feel progress with your wellness and self care goals

✅ To nourish your emotional health

✅ To practice mindfulness and creativity

✅ To develop and deepen your own yoga and movement and self care practice

✅ Life nourishment 101.

It’s all very exciting and this will be an intimate and nurturing space. A combination of yoga + movement + meditation + wellness + creativity + self care with heaps of support, this creative coaching is a holistic one. We’re not interested in “how to get fit in a month”, rather, how can we support ourselves to instil self care practices and commit to nourishing ourselves on every level as we move through the season, so that we might cultivate better attention to ourselves, and with that intention, show up from a wholehearted place grounded in feeling GOOD.

And you don’t have to do it alone!

Because i’ve prepared a curriculum for you (more on that below) that i will be delivering to you every week, along with tools to develop and advance your own practice (i’ve recorded a series of videos for you to do in your own time), creative exercises for you to contemplate and explore, and also dollops of inspiration for when you just need to feel held and supported.

Not only that, but there’s a private and safe space community which i’ve created that we can hang out in, together. It’s a place where you can share and connect with others if you feel like it. I will be in there on the regular so you can ask me anything at all as it comes up. We can have conversations about the journey, sharing tips and support and be reminded that we are in this together. Plus expect humour. Because what is life, without practicing joy as a tool for self care.

Tune in for a festival of ideas and inspiration and you can get the shownotes at ifeelforyoupodcast.com (this is episode 18)

I am Pointer Sisters excited to share this with you!

take care of you autumn course


willy ninja autumn

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