For hope and inspiration, Callie Day

So back in 2016 i was going through a particularly tough time. not so hopeful to say the least. some are often surprised to hear that, in light of the work i was doing those years. but to anyone reading who is moving through dark days, i know it might seem naff for me to say, but i’ma say it anyway, i hope you can read this and believe things will get better. i believe in you, and i admire and cheer you on for showing up to meet this day. i know things can feel hopeless, perhaps dark and frightening, but you will get through this. i promise, you can and you will.

i wanted to share this piece because it gave me so much hope and release during dark days. i know i’ve shared it a lot over the years in the Digest, on socials etc, but it still moves me as much now as when i watched it the first time. in fact, i’m crying rn as i type this because i still remember how it felt at that time, and you know what they say, you often don’t always recognise the gigantic steps forward you’ve made on your journey. so i hope we can all pause to consider even by being here, by taking a breath right now, occupying space in this world, it’s radical and beautiful.

religion aside, i feel Callie or Calesta Day is testament to spirit moving through you. being connected to whatever you believe. hope. the universe. a greater good that resides in most of us. yeah, hope. and witnessing someone in communion with that is….well, awe inspiring i think. and really at the heart of why i love to share inspiration. because to see humans connect with their art, whatever that might be (and may we be free from limited snooty ideas on what isn’t art and include showing up to be in your body as your whole self each day cause that to me is art tbh), it’s magical to behold.

i hope Callie gives you this gift today. feel welcome to bookmark and replay as many times as you need! And bonus joy in her crew gassing her up in the background. imagine being in the irl presence of this voice?! wow!

sidenote: i hear she is now on america’s got talent! i’ve not seen the show but hope that it offers her a platform for even more to be moved by her gifts!

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