"is this ok to share?!"

is this ok to share? nervous dog

Darlings, how are you doing and being?

It’s (somehow?!) August and we are deep into summertime, i feel i’ve been absent from here for so long (but you’re never far from my thoughts, “beliede-dat” - please say that with Mac Daddy voice, thanks)

It’s cathartic i guess, holding space here to collect musings and inspiration, mostly to document, but a hopefully side effect is that you connect and get a whole heap of love injection that encourages and inspires you to feel more free to do you. But no pressure, obvs. 

I get so stuck sometimes in asking, “is this ok to share?” and “am i allowed?!” which is bizarre, right?! Perhaps it’s a sign of these particular times, cause the internet has mostly been like a dear friend of mine since the mid 90s i guess, a liberator, a connector, a brilliant tool that i adore. My Gemini moon at least and her 13855 tabs and counting according to my OneTab Chrome extension (not sponsored but in case you’ve missed my props for this tool, recommend it for likeminded curious creatures like me who feast on information as part of their staple food group. #alwayshungry ) also agree.

A side effect to the gathering of copious amounts of things i love, admire, respect and adore, is that i wonder if it’s too much. Replace “it’s” with “i’m”. Cause that’s at the root, right?
I wonder if i overwhelm with sharing. I- just- get- SO - enthusiastic about things.
And want to share love and give props constantly. But i’ve been told before that apparently some people think i’m fake and should be more stoic. But dear reader, i struggle with a) being told what to do/not do and b) imagining i could ever please a whole world. I spoke about that more here:

This one’s for the people pleasers.

We can get so stuck in, essentially, overthinking. Presuming what others might think of us. Allowing our own fears of taking up space take over and run the show.
We get trapped, or hijacked by thoughts. And i don’t know if you relate but i find when i’m in my head, up in the clouds and whirlwinds of thinking too much, there isn’t much going on down below. That wasn’t a euphemism but perhaps it should be... There isn’t much going on in the body. There is a lot of air and not a lot of earth, if elements are your bag. So the resolution? Embodiment. And/or Just do the damn thing already and trick yourself into action, so much so that before you can doubt, it’s done.

So, i guess you’re stuck with me. Or actually, you can choose to spend time in this space with me, and if so, i’d love it if you reached out to me, if only to emoji (is that a verb? can we…make it one?!) and felt free to share a song or recipe or things that inspire you, or topics that you like to chew, cause one of my favourite things is to connect enthusiastically. that said, come as you are, enthusiastic or not, there’s space for you to just be and take what you need.

i love you.

dionne x

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