Feeling out of sorts?

Artwork by Marwa Beloufa 🧡✨

Artwork by Marwa Beloufa 🧡✨

Feeling out of sorts? Getting back into your body can be super helpful, if it’s possible for you to do so. Here are some ideas:⁣

1) Take a nap and rest your bones. If you lay on your back, try putting a pillow under your knees if it feels good. Or between your knees if you lay on your side.⁣

2) Take a bath or shower and notice the sensation of water on different parts of your skin. ⁣

3) Move if you have more energy. Something gentle and easeful unless you’re full of beans and have more anxious out of sorts. Lots of free yoga + movement videos I made for you over on my YouTube channel. Head to yogawithdionne.com

All 3 of these for me today followed by a charge of my fave kind of nostalgic video (shared in my stories of you want some inspo).⁣

Let me know how you go! And also, i’d love to know what helps you get back into your body!

dionne x⁣

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