Salt Fat Acid Race🍴

📷 Con Poulos via the NYT

📷 Con Poulos via the NYT

“True diversity is not when there’s the excellent Black person, the excellent Iranian chef, or whatever, its when theres as much Black and Brown and Queer and whatever like non-traditional mediocrity as there is white mediocrity! …There should just be as many voices as possible!

So i don’t know what to do, you know to fight against the pressure i feel other than to try and like increase the general right to bring other people up as quickly as possible. I don’t want to be the only one!”

Hear Hear!

It’s no secret how much i adore this woman. Her vision and drive (and integrity), and her excellent and fascinating series (+ book), Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat inspires me no end.

I loved this recent podcast episode talking about the complexities of straddling two cultures that are seemingly seen as being in opposition with each other.

- Oh and for those who also share my love of Iranian food, the link to her 10 essential Persian recipes is here (links to the New York Times)

Do you have a fave chef?
I’d love to know who and why! 🍴

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