Stranger friends!

in these (Landan) streets 🧡

in these (Landan) streets 🧡


Documenting joy from earlier this month 🧡✨ One of my favourite things to do is compliment interesting strangers when I’m out. I love their surprise and shy-joy reactions. I especially love how you can help someone shift their state in moments. By seeing them. And holding space for them to be who they are. ⁣

On this day, I met a number of Ethel archetypes, women in their 70s and 80s, divine visions who wore prints, sequins and sumptuous vibrant colour palettes. ⁣

And shy young-uns, timidly moving along edges of platforms and pavements.

Someone in the Selfridges bathroom (the one near the cinema is always a good meeting spot) as we bonded over the joy of makeup, me, a beginner with awe at her application. She also rec’d the Fenty red stain btw, come thru Boots, make it snappy eh? ⁣

Followed by getting very excited with Callum at a makeup counter upstairs- he had so many lipstick recommendations from his collection - aspirational!✨⁣ many brief but meaningful meetings with humans...they each teach me something.⁣

The auntie in me snaps these days and I can’t help but gas up these stranger friends. Remind them of their majesty. The bonus is how great it is to see someone else feel good. It’s my favourite. 💕⁣

🌈Do you talk to stranger friends? 🙋🏽‍♀️✨

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