Get Unstuck | Yoga With Dionne // Vinyasa flow

Life happens. We can get in our own way. Get ideas about who we think we are and what we can (and most often, can´t) do. Weighted by world events. Rightfully wanting to contribute and take action. And sometimes feel stuck and unsure. Mute in moments. Overwhelmed in others.

We are human.

And in these sticky times, the greatest intervention we can make, is to simply show up and remind ourselves that we are never stuck.

Even if we feel like we are.

So getting up, showing up, being present is so very radical.

Staying present, grounded and clear is how we maintain that (without burning out)

So this is for you my friends, who are continuing to push things forward, even though some days it can feel hard.

And scary.

And heartwrenching.

You have this.

We have this.

Let´s reconnect, keep things moving and continue to keep showing up.

You are never stuck.

Stay connected.

Here´s a practice.

Feeling stuck and need to shift?

Whether you´re feeling some kind of way or just ready to remember who you are, this practice will help you reconnect to that power inside you - let´s call it “source” or “sauce” yeah? This will be a continuous movement practice where we tease out tension from sticky areas and find flow again.

Expect to charge up using your navel as your guide (3rd chakra vibes, the energetic centre of power, connecter of upper and lower physical body and booster of charge and pizzaz when you need a lift) and experiment with your centre of gravity through standing postures and arm balances. You´ll move the spine in all directions and rinse out any residue with standing, balancing and seated twists, and finish off with a soothing inversion flow.