Yoga for Focus and Motivation | Yoga with Dionne

Welcome to your practice!

This is a flow for focus and motivation!
So whether you are heading back to work or school or you need to focus your attention for a big project, or you simply want to pursue your dream, this is the practice for you.

We'll ease in with a gentle warmup and practice drawing strength from our centre to find our focus. Charge up your guts and find courage to step forwards and go for what you want! Then play with balance and practice in keeping our focus despite wobbles or distractions. We build towards camel pose and close with a mindful breathwork meditation to set you up for your mission. 

You have this.

It all comes from you.

Let´s do this!

You will need as an option::::: a couple of yoga blocks OR use books/cushions/pillows

As always, let me know how you go!

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