5 things i’ve enjoyed watching lately! ✨👀

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Looking for an injection of inspiration? Here’s some things i’ve enjoyed lately, including understanding insomnia a little better, Caribbean ritual, food dreams in NYC, my kind of book erotica, and a conversation about representation through the lens of a gay, disabled character on tv.

Hope you enjoy!

Why can’t i sleep?

Um. Very interesting amidst my current bout of insomnia! More on that in my latest podcast!


The Legendary Dosa Man of NYC

Next time, NYC, i am coming for Thiru Kumar’s divine nourishment! 🍴


How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content

This is divine and my kind of erotica! 😛

Guava Island

Sidenote: enjoy this behind the scenes peek of the glorious inspiration + style story of the film here!

"A gay disabled character on TV, that's next"

Revisiting this Ryan O'Connell interview, where he opens up about the unremitting pain of growing up in our culture as a gay person with cerebral palsy.

What have you watched that has inspired you lately? Would love to know, plop them in the comments!

Love, dionne x

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