Faking it - who are you really? no really!

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this article reminded me of a show i used to love in the late 90s early 00s on channel 4 (uk) called Faking It. each week, someone would have to step into a new life that was very different from what they knew.

i already see why it appealed to me, as feeling aged 16 id already lived countless lives and felt between worlds in many ways.

i wonder, often, if the solution to so much of the mess we are in comes down to those in power being challenged to step into different shoes. to experience and understand what it is to have empathy. 

it’s certainly a transformational attribute and keeps us remembering who we are. do you know what i mean? beyond the labels and the attachments to how we have been forced to be, through the sausage machine of institutions. beyond the hierarchical lineages, titles and levels we strive to align ourselves with, and into something else, something different, to see an alternative reality.

just musings. 

and more here:

(who are we really? beyond the labels.)

wonder what you think?

here’s the first episode if you feel like dipping into the show!

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