I love hosting the hell out of people


I started running retreats in 2011, mainly because i love hosting the hell out of people (and i’m told i’m good at it!). i love creating concepts and feelgood environments in everything i do, from community yoga classes to creative coaching to DJ-ing. And hosting retreats is like a culmination of all those things plus more personal and intimate moments to really immerse yourself with an intentional seasonal reset. Something our returning guests tell me is so helpful and inspiring.

One of my favourite activities is curating the big picture and all the little micro details that make a story, which is adaptable and versatile but always focussed on creating more space for others to feel more free. I’m an empath, and i think it helps me in anticipating what our guests might want or need and enjoy. Being sensitive to individual needs with personal and thoughtful attention.

It’s such a thrill to witness people being able to drop some of the day to day tensions and to-do’s and put themselves first for a while. To shift gears and slow down, indulge in vital self care, and tender succulent moments of feel good to take home and practice irl. It’s always inspiring. And this is why i still love to run retreats.

We’re only having one Brighton retreat this year…

Brighton Yoga Retreat

This year, we are only having one Brighton event, 23 -25 July, yoga, movement, meditation, creativity, divine feasts, treats, free time to explore + 1-1 creative coaching sessions with me, and there is just ONE space left!

So if you feel like joining, check out the event page here for more details, pictures + video from past events and info on what to expect this summer.

If it resonates, we really hope you’ll join us.