Summer Series // Let's be Mermaids!

Inspired by my love of the sea and the 1984 movie, Splash, let´s be mermaids!

Daryl Hannah doing the most. Iconic!

Daryl Hannah doing the most. Iconic!


Expect a practice that explores creating space in the hips, shoulders and spine, whilst integrating the idea of "core" which essentially is our centre. We´ll systematically open up and strengthen the body and head to our "peak" Mermaid pose, then ease things down into longer restorative holds with some soothing breathwork to absorb all of that work.

When it comes to working towards a particular goal, sometimes we can take unnecessary tension along for the ride, or get a little bit overwhelmed when trying to gobble it all up. So instead, we practice how to be efficient with our energy so we can be more balanced and integrated whilst appreciating where we are at at every step of the way. Appreciate yo-self babes!

Although we´re exploring a particular pose, especially a spicy meatball pose, try not to feel you need to force your way into anything, instead to go with the flow and enjoy the journey! 

You will need (optional): a couple of books/cushions/yoga blocks and possibly a strap/belt/tie

As always, take care of you, listen to your body and take as many breaks as you need. Hope this feels good - let me know!

Dionne x 

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