A 5 step plan for a date with your inner critic 🌹 // Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 29

I Feel For You podcast episode 29

🤭 *Some swearing in this one bbz* 🤐

- Worrying what people might say or think?
- Have a constant critical critter squatting on your lobes? (not a euphemism!)
- Struggling to break the thought cycle of hyper-critical negativity?

Sometimes, the worst voice of all can be the one that lives inside, sneering, scoffing and scathing. Allow me to introduce: the inner critic! Many of us have this dastardly character and might notice it triggering feelings of shame, inadequacy or anxiousness in certain situations. Ignoring this pest mostly leads to a suppression of feelings which stocks up inside, and over time can result in, an unfortunate amplification of wretched messages. So how do we deal with that?

I propose, a date!
(Stay with me, it wasn’t planned to coincide with a cheesy opportunistic valentines theme but here we are!)😶❣️

Let’s talk about the noise that gets in the way and rather than try to dismiss it or bypass what’s going on, let’s use it to learn how to be more compassionate with ourselves and dare i say, love up on ourselves somewhat.
I know.
I know….
I *know* —— and i *feel* you. But let’s talk about how we might start to interrupt that unhelpful fug and practice techniques to work with it, rather than against it.


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