Learning to trust you are enough (especially in challenging times)🏆 // Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 28

Solo is an entire mood tbh 💗

Solo is an entire mood tbh 💗


Welcome to I Feel For You, a podcast that supports you to be more you.

I’m Dionne, a creative coach, yoga + movement + meditation teacher, dj, writer and well, storyteller, using various tools to hold space and help you feel more free, to be who you are and all you are becoming.  

This is episode 28 and i don’t know about you but feels like there’s been lots going on these weeks! It’s January, new year, superman wolf moon, blood moon, blue Monday. Deep winter blues, Aquarius season, etc. The energy has felt weeeeeird lately.

Are you feeling unproductive? Overwhelmed? Tired and low in motivation? Alienated and down? Dealing with resistance? Disconnected from yourself? Yet getting mixed messages about needing to have it all together cause newsfeeds are rampant with declarations and rally calls to declare this the start of your best year ever?

You are not alone.


There’s a lot of noise. and comparison and strange goals can creep in and can knock us off track. So how do we remember who the hell we are and bring ourselves back in these times?
I’ll be sharing some thoughts and ideas that i hope will inspire you as well as reassure you on your mission. to be more you!

So a disclaimer: i’ve been trying to finish this episode for around 4 days now. I mean, i was in Norway djing this weekend but now i’m home and faced with finish line, somehow, almost ridiculously, everything is difficult. Sticky. Slow. Like wading through treacle. I just want to hibernate in a duvet cocoon and eat my feelings whilst watching a titillating and non triggering series of some sort, pass out then  wake up renewed.

it's ok

As i WhatsApp my dear mates to catch up, i notice that so many of us are feeling similarly. and i know that there are many of you too who relate.
And so, i wonder, how can we be more tender and gorgeous to ourselves in this time? 
And learn to trust and embrace in our own rhythms and cycles and respect the season we are in right now. 
So, in this episode, i’ll be exploring how the hell we can do that! 

I really hope there is something here that helps you feel supported in these times. and reminds you of who the hell you are. So you can feel better, and show up in the world and do the work that you are here to do.
And with pizzazz! ✨

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Thank you so much for being here. 

Please grab some tea and some biscuits or any refreshments for the ride and let’s dive in! 🍪☕️

And there be shownotes, of course, always peppered with some audio-visual treats, so don’t forget to head on over to gobble them up eh?

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dionne ❤️

Episode produced by me + Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com) who also made the music!



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