Manage your time + energy in the busy season🔋 // Shownotes for 'I Feel For You' podcast Episode 25

Basically me: Jennifer Lewis

Basically me: Jennifer Lewis

It’s so clear in my many years wandering on this planet that there is a massive tendency to pack in so much around this time of year. Be it the panic so many feel to fill the year and tick off stuff before it “ends”, or the pressure to be in the seasonal spirit of joy and glad tidings.

During this time you might still have stuff to do. Things to fix up.
But you’re reluctant to go at the same pace or rhythm of others, especially when you’re in a different space. And perhaps also exhausted from the year!

So how can we manage our time and energy during the busy season?

I’m here to offer some tips that i hope will help you prioritise and get the important stuff done. Cause amidst the pressure and distraction, you still get to choose what to participate in.

Hope you enjoy the show.
Take your rest seriously this time of year my friends and be well.

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