Making Friends with Backbends! // Yoga with Dionne

Hiya! So happy you're here! This is a full systematic adventure prepping our bods and minds in the best ways we can for backbends! Hate backbends? No worry babes! I hope there's still something here for you. We'll open up the shoulders and chest, strengthen the back body including hamstrings and shoulders, create space in the hips as well as explore "core" in a more “wholesome” way (don't expect boring crunches!)

The goal isn't to "backbend" tbh, but rather, to explore how we can support ourselves in ways that have integrity, being “integrated”, as well as practicing being supported. Effort and surrender if you want a short and snazzy catchphrase.

You will need:
*Some kind of makeshift prop for shoulder opening like a yoga block, a record or something else (get creative!). You might want to have a pillow handy too if you don't have a block for some later core support funtimes! Yes!
*An imaginary platter of sausages, halloumi and grapefruit….it will hopefully make sense in the practice!
*A sense of wonder and humour. Because a backbend practice demands it. I lie, you don't have to do anything but what you feel, babes.

Less tension, more ease, and effort in the places that matter. You HAVE this.

Take care of you, always, and let me know how you go!

Dionne x