How to be your own boss, HR dept AND pizzaz manager ✨📈 + a recipe from the kitchen! // Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 42

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Today, a crossover episode!


An unhinged crossover episode and Ketil Finemann is back on the show!

Some of you who have followed our work over the past decade might know that Ketil and i have a podcast called WONDER AS I WANDER - which is inspired by the infamous Langston Hughes book of the same name. our hero.

Ketil is a composer, writer and creative entrepreneur - he also made the music for this podcast! And Ketil has been working on a few exciting projects this winter and spring and has just completed one - music for a podcast documentary series. So we sat down for a chat following an email he received after the project. So in this episode, we will be talking abut stuff related to celebrating your wins, being your own boss and Human Resources department and ACKNOWLEDGER OF PIZZAZ.

And i’ll be sharing a tip as to how you can do this!

We also muse on:

Our relationship to social media with our work

Personal branding and identity and how it’s changed but not changed since the internet

Plus some tips that can help you to be more you.

and also there is an interlude with a recipe for my foodies out there! igotchu!

So it is what it is on paper, so let’s crack on with the episode!

Thanks for being here, i appreciate you!


Have a listen here:


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