“How do i translate fear into focus?” 👓(Microcoaching Tears for Fears) // Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 41

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Today, a micro coaching episode!

Hi Dionne, here’s a question for you!
I have these dreams and goals that excite me, but i often find i get stuck and scared. how can i move forward and stop feeling like i’m held hostage by my fear? i want to get things done and do the things i want to do but i just feel like i’m stalling………
Tears for Fears

In today’s episode, i’m talking about the energy of fear vs action, what gets in the way and holds us back, and how we can use this energy of fear as a catalyst for helpful action rather than bring at the mercy of it. I’m sharing some examples from my own life, living with anxiety the last 20 years and some tools i use that you can apply to your own journey to help you reframe energy of fear and doubt. 

Friends! We are going in!


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