You have time 🎨 // Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 48

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Are you ready to be inspired by someone great?

Someone who is out here on these streets living their life, being free by being completely and utterly themselves?

Well, you are in the right place my darlings!

And it’s one from the road, literally! I was lucky enough to catch the frank bowling exhibition at the tate britain last week, in its last days.

Frank is an artist, and a caribbean king, born in guyana, in 1934 - and fyi he’s a pisces, to paint a picture, a february one um, yes!

When he was really young, He moved with his family to new york, then new amsterdam - shoutout to colonialism, not,

Then to the uk, again, colonialism and it’s hunger for coin eh?

And whilst in the royal air force in 1953 he happened upon the national gallery with a mate who was also into art. And he had a moment. He was in his feelings as he soaked up artists like gainsborough, constable and turner. And it inspired him to study art - in a few places like Chelsea School of Art and the City and Guilds of London Art School, before winning a scholarship to the Royal College of Art alongside David Hockney. Another artist i dig.

So frank was into colour. I mean, big time. Those of you who read my blog probably saw me post about Franks work a while back, in anticipation for this show and probably can imagine his work- if not, i’ll put a link for you in the shownotes to check out, alongside a new blog post featuring some moments during and after the show so feel welcome to head to my blog if you fancy a visual to this episode. Because i’m sharing some dictaphone moments- cue alan partridge - ah ha! Following the show.

I still feel drunk from this experience to be honest, not just the beauty of the work he created, but i feel so nourished and encouraged by parts of his story i didn’t know about, and wanted to bring you with me, you know? To share it and some excited thoughts and unhinged feelings and musings with you, which i really hope you’ll find inspiring too!

I also have a special guest with me, Darling Desta, language afficionado and brilliant teacher, musician and oh so many things, who was my art date, dream conversation buddy, and fellow colour lover! Thank you so much desta for taking me - i appreciate you and your brilliant mind! Check out her links below, where i will hook you up to her socials etc.

So expect a dive into topics like particularly to do with working with limitations and age and colour and peaches and new york and norway and the WORK and house prices and what the hell we are here to do in the world!

Expect ambiance from Landan town! And some singing!

Hope you dig!

(Episode is produced by me - edit and all music is by Ketil.)

(*Correction: The “New Amsterdam” mentioned in the podcast is in Guyana)



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