Comfort for loneliness 🏝 // Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 49

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feeling out of place? the odd one out? craving connection and community but feel like you don’t belong?

i wrote this early this year…. when i was feeling particularly lonely.
it’s for anyone seeking community, friendship and good people.

i share my experience of seeking community in relation to life online and irl and the struggle to make friends, real friends and the journey of being more “me” when i didn’t necessarily feel like there was a place for me to be safe and whole as i was.

this episode covers some of the challenges in finding your community where you can feel free to be your whole self, including

dealing with difficult people
micro and macro aggressions
being Other.
and told to be smaller. less you.

i’m sharing some practical wisdom i’ve learned whilst being out here practicing being myself. taking up space in the world. in life and work. and dealing with other peoples perceptions, so you can go out there and
embrace your whole ass self.

we tackle things like:

  • how to connect with others in authentic and real ways.

  • finding freedom inside yourself.

  • how to be your whole self.

  • finding peace in who you are, what you are doing and creating in this world. and how you do that.

  • inhabiting your truth and your life and why it’s important!

  • developing hope and trust over fear.

hope you enjoy the show!

contains swearing!

(episode is produced by me - edit and all music is by Ketil.)



Have a listen here:


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