Should i? Shouldn’t i? 🤷🏽‍♀️ // Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 50

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This is for those of you who might feel overwhelmed as to whether you should do something or not.

ahh, it can be so time consuming can’t it, when we’re not sure whether to hold our horses or go for something.

but don’t worry

ive got you!

This is an episode that i really hope will help you go “yay!” or “nay!”

and we’ll get practical with it and do a little exercise together to work out what you really want so you can make that decision either way.

…does that sound good?

Oh, i should add a disclaimer that this episode includes a Love Island 2019 reference at the end of the episode but no need to worry if you haven’t seen it, those of you who weren’t involved in the summer of our lives, basically watching other people live their lives on tv lol. hopefully it’s still relevant to you!


it’s my duty as your confidant and present maker to let you know that i am reopening the doors to my autumn online creative coaching programme, Take Care of You!

…I know, i know. i wasn’t going to, but i had so many questions about whether i would, as well as feedback from people who shared they find this time of year hard. really hard. the darkness, the end of summer and descent towards the colder darker months in the northern hemisphere. or i heard from other people that they are just really really busy and struggling to prioritise their needs and take care of themselves, or from others who are finding it hard to explore creativity in meaningful and accessible ways that work for them.

So when hearing that people are finding it challenging to prioritise feeling better, it got me pondering, cause you know i’m passionate about incorporating creativity into everyday life right? we’re all creative beings that deserve to feel better.

so, as i do, and as this episode is kind of about, i sat with it and asked myself if i wanted to run the programme again.

and there was a deep guttural YES! from my sacral region (shoutout to all my manifesting generators and generators in the house if you’re into Human Design and or lead by that sacral grunt which helps you to make decisions)

I wanted to offer these tools, resources, videos, creative activities and ideas to anyone who could use a dose of inspiration as the nights start to draw in and we head into the belly of autumn.

Plus this autumn, for the first time in 9.5 years, i’m not hosting any autumn feel good events in real life.

i’m online baybee - ok hold up a second, cause have any of you seen that hilarious tweet referencing al pacino in Heat and the way he says baby? it’s so good., wait let me play it for you

or link you in the show notes below……

ok so from this moment, baby is now pronounced baybeee, are we all agreed?

ok back to the point.

so yes, i’m not hosting any in person autumn movement, somatic and creative events this season….i know. i feel a bit weird cause its really my fave time of year. but because I’m not, it means i can make this programme more accessible to those of you who tell me you want to join but can’t get to norway or the uk. cause ill meet you online! kind of like this!

so a rundown of what you get in this creative coaching programme

well. first of all its not a place where i lecture you on what you should do.

its a self paced journey where i’m sharing all the best resources i have about the autumn.

that includes inspiration from my studies of Ayurveda, yoga, movement, meditation, creativity and more

is it a yoga course? nope its not. but there are exclusive yoga, movement, and meditation videos in there that are tailored to the autumn season, and to give you an idea of what they are about, think, finding ways to slow down, restore, return to yourself, replenish your stocks. the classes are adaptable and inclusive and hopefully, fun for you. cause i’m into having a good time whilst we’re learning new ways to take care of ourselves.


for more on that, i’ll link you to a recent blog post about PLEASURE below.

so yes, there are videos of practices. there’s also three downloadable or streamable audio meditations

creative activities, tools and heaps of resources

a lot.

that you can take or leave it

and you can real ALL about it if you head to

i’d love for you to join me on this journey cause babes, i need this too.

we’re on this journey together.

ok.i hope that reaches whoever it reaches, please pass onto your mates or anyone you think might dig it.

and i just want o say to all of you who have been in touch about this podcast, i am so deeply grateful for you! thank you for your kind words, thank you for passing it on to your friends and sharing the love with your people, thank you for your support, every single one of you! i am so humbled and wish i could offer you some kind of interpretive dance of thanks.

but perhaps you’re relieved at this point that i don’t. i guess i could video something right?

don’t get me started.

lets get on with the show baybeeeee!



Have a listen here:


Resources + Links


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