Reconnect with yourself: a meditation 🍂 // Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 51


In today’s episode, I’m sharing a meditation with you, which is taken from Take Care of You: Autumn, a self paced online creative coaching programme exploring autumn, self care and creativity.

The programme is running over the next couple of months,
and features:

  • Exclusive yoga, movement and meditation videos.

  • Downloadable/streamable meditations.

  • Creative prompts and activities.

  • Heaps of resources, tips and information from my studies and practices over the last 20 years.

We also explore:

  • How to ride out the transitions at our own (slower, more gentler pace) as we sit in the shadow for more hours of the day.

  • How to boost our immunity and take care of ourselves in sustainable, realistic and accessible ways.

  • How to reconnect with what we need, and show up for ourselves.

  • How to stay inspired, or find inspiration after a period of feeling disconnected.

  • How to explore pleasure, throughout the programme journey and beyond.

and more. in a nutshell.

But perhaps you could read all about it
over here

Thank you for listening!


Dionne xxx



Have a listen here:


Resources + Links


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