Ground Anxious Energy | Yoga with Dionne // Soothing Yoga Flow

Let's just get into the body, embrace the feels with no judgement, and breathe and move together. 

When we have anxious energy, we tend to feel pulled in different directions and feel, well, pretty unsettled. So we´ll use focus to direct our awareness back to our centre. Expect gentle movement and some calming breathwork to soothe the system. Unclench the grip of tension and find space. We´ll close with a meditation.

This practice isn´t about taking the strongest most dynamic movements perfectly. Rather, embracing the wobbles and the shifts as we go, and show up for ourselves anyway. Perhaps we might even shift our perspective in anxious moments and find more compassion for ourselves along the way.

You have this and you can feel better. 

Talk to yourself nicely and know you have the power to shift your state.

Love galore,
dionne x

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