What to do when disappointment strikes - It ain't over till it's over 💥// Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 44

i feel for you 44

it can hurt to feel your efforts have been in vain
we might feel it after time spent in a relationship that didn’t work out
a project that didn’t go as planned
a dream that went a bit wonky
a day that we had high hopes for but it sucked
something you feel you’ve fallen off the wagon with
and are afraid to return to

disappointment is a difficult emotion
so this week, we’re going to get into it.


i’m sharing a bit of an update as to the inspiration for this particular episode, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks (!) which you’ll know a bit about if you listened to my last episode Comfort for polymaths amidst a dark night of the soul 🌌// Episode 43

So this is kind of a part 2 to that.

We’re talking about processing difficult emotions, particularly disappointment and how you can empower yourself to move through that and get through that without bypassing. In real ways that work for you. Cause that’s the key.

I’m going to be talking a bit about anger as well, cause i feel we need to talk about it more, as well as showing up for ourselves.

I really hope this is a useful episode for you or maybe someone you care about that could use a loving hug and some encouragement.

We’ll take a little exercise later in the show with a bit of breath work + visualisation + hopefully some action on your part. No pressure to participate but hope you’re up for it!

It’s a technique to come home to yourself and reconnect with yourself any time

So here’s to growth, and the lessons disappointments give us and the opportunity for our feelings being a tool to access healing


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i appreciate you!


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