Listening to your body's wisdom 💎// Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 45

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Today is an episode which is part July journal come pep talk come learning moment around the theme of body wisdom.

The first part of the show i’ll update you on what’s been going on lately, and the second i’ll share a piece i wrote back in april 2019 which felt relevant, and i wanted to share it with you in the hope that it resonates and encourages you to pay attention to your own body’s wisdom. Cause it has a lot to say!
I’ll also be sharing how i’ve been doing that, and how you might explore that in ways that work for you.

So whether your body feels like a stranger, a friend, an enemy or a vague distant relative, i really hope this will be useful and empowering for you to reconnect with yourself, and all the wisdom that you contain so you can feel more free to be more you!


Thanks for being here and as always i love to hear from you so if you have any thoughts or questions or comments about the show i would love to hear from you. Links are below.

Show is produced by me, all music by Ketil Kinden Endresen.

i appreciate you!


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