Nadia Huggins on vulnerabilities, boundaries and the shoreline 🌊

“Is it possible for us to view ourselves void of these social constructs, that create these boundaries between us and within us? Is there a way for us to dissolve this construct of gender, class, race, sexuality, country of origin, whatever?

…people are the ones that created these boundaries. The sea has no agenda. Rich or poor, it will swallow you. So in a sense, when you think about it, the ocean is the one true democratic space that exists.” 

- Nadia Huggins

Nadia is coming to London in October for her solo show at NOW gallery! Running 4 Oct – 10 Nov 2019 at @nowgalleryse10. The show will be curated by Kaia Charles and there will be critical essays by Melanie Archer and William Abbott to accompany the exhibition. Details of the event can be found here.

Also, Island Girl Chani is also having an event in conversation with Nadia Sunday! Details here!

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Nadia Huggins
Nadia Huggins

Photographs by Nadia Huggins