Tree Pose for Beginners!

tree pose

I want to be - a tree!

...inspo for this vid:

Let me start off by saying, i don´t believe in “levels” of yoga. Everybody can “do” yoga. Secondly, i really really don´t like to tell people what to do. So this is a mini yoga posture workshop with a difference. Beginner or seasoned.
Now that´s out the way, let´s get into the nitty gritty of deconstructing tree pose! Yeah!
Stand on your own two feet. Then just one!
Play with balance mindfully, explore how it´s always shifting and hopefully embrace that as we ground down into our support in order to rise up into a magnificent tree! 
There´s suggestions for you to play with throughout the practice, as well as offerings in how to spice up or mellow out your tree, depending on your preference.
You will need: a floor and possibly a wall or chair if balance is feeling a bit challenging for you today!
Got lots on your plate or on your mind? Trust it will have an effect on your balance (so this is a great practice for you!) Try to let it be what it is, there´s no pressure to find this placid still place, or for it to look like the perfect image you might have in your head. 

Wobbles are part of the process.
You have this anyway! 
Love always, and let me know how you go.

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