Yoga for anxiety + stress yoga for anxiety and stress

Struggling with unproductive anxious energy?

 This sequence is designed to help support you get out of your head and into your body.
Sometimes when we feel some type of way, we might attach a meaning to our feelings. But feelings are always shifting and changing, so we give space to honour them but also remind ourselves “you are not your thoughts, nor are you defined by them”. 
We approach the practice with openness and curiosity and fascination and appreciation for our bodies and minds as we focus on diffusing stress. We use our attention to help bring us back to our centre and anchor to the support that´s all around us. 
We start with a meditation, adding some breathwork then ease into some movement- expect a slow flow (which can be challenging in its own way) using balances, twists and slooow transitions. It´s a full body experience but we are trying to move the energy that´s circulating around our heads downwards. Roots my friends!
You will need: Yourself and possibly a book/block/blanket if you like to use props but you don´t have to!
Get into being and exploring!
Really hope this helps you feel better. 
As always, let me know how you go!

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